Elim Medihand


Why MediHand for Anti-Ageing?
Recently introduced, MediHand is aimed at achieving younger looking hands and nails, with a new modern approach to anti-ageing. Hands are the first area of the body in which ageing appears, thus MediHand contains products targeting clients with dry and rejuvenation concerns. The treatments are focused on obtaining results and never compromising on the experience. The benefits of receiving a MediHand treatment include powerful active ingredients which penetrate the skin deeper and faster. The skin is immediately hydrated. A Hydro-Thermal exfoliator enables your skin to achieve maximum absorption. The products are fragranced with only the finest fragrances, ensuring a sensorial experience to finish off each treatment.

4 Steps to Younger Hands

1. Illuminating nail cleanser
Soak both your hands in a bowl with lukewarm water containing Illuminating Nail Cleanser. This product is high in Vit C and Papain and will cleanse the nail. It contains anti-fungal properties as well as a whitening effect on the nail plate.

2. Hydro-thermal peel
Scrub both the hands with the Hydro-Thermal Peel. This will enhance the penetration of anti-ageing actives used afterwards. Make sure to scrub thoroughly around the nail and top of the hand. It contains Sweet Almond oil and Beeswax and hands will appear radiant and decadently soft after the exfoliation.

3. Age reversal hand cream or ultra-rich hand therapy
Age Reversal Hand Cream – an intensive anti-ageing formula specifically aimed at age reversal and eliminating dark spots on the hands. It also promotes the natural repairing mechanism of the skin. Make sure you apply it to the top of the hands and not only to the palm of your hand. Ultra-Rich Hand Therapy – is ideal for reducing signs of ageing, whilst improving skin elasticity. Contains Oat proteins, Vitamin C and Hibiscus.

4. Dark spot serum
This product does not form part of the professional manicure but is essential for clients with darker age spots and pigmentation on the hands. This product will provide visible results within 14 days of daily application when using with the full manicure range.

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